Glossary of Terms

Here are a few terms that will be necessary when understanding our Compensation Plan:

PV Personal Volume

GV Group Volume

QV Qualifying Volume

CV Commissionable Volume

LVL Lesser Volume Leg

GVL Greater Volume Leg

5-Week Rolling Period Qualification period: includes current week and the previous four weeks. A distributor’s personal purchases do not count towards qualifications nor does the distributor get paid on personal purchases.


Your personally sponsored Associates and the Associates they personally sponsor, etc.


Your genealogy structure: new Associates are added to a binary tree structure commonly known as left and right leg.

Bonus Period

Weekly commissions will be paid on a calendar week starting 12:00am PT Saturday, ending Friday at 11:59pm PT.



This means that you must maintain at least 140 PV within a 5-week rolling period. Having a 140 PV autoship order is the best way to maintain active status.


This means you must maintain an active status and at least two active personally sponsored distributors, one on each leg.

Lifetime Rank

This is the highest qualified rank you have attained during your time as a distributor.