An Exclusive Interview with Alexy Goldstein - New U Life

An Exclusive Interview with Alexy Goldstein

Our founder, formulator, and CEO, Alexy Goldstein, did an exclusive interview with Vizaca, a top magazine for Global Entrepreneurs! In the interview, Alexy shares what separates New U Life from its competitors in the health and wellness field. Alexy also discusses the major growth of the New U Life business in the last several months and what his vision is for the future of this company.  

In the article, when asked about what he wants to ultimately accomplish within New U Life, Alexy shares, 

“I think the more people who are able to hear this message and try our products for themselves, the better. When we feel good about our bodies — whether that’s in terms of how we look, or even just our energy levels — so many other things fall into place. The greater confidence and self-esteem we gain from how we feel about our body carries over to other parts of our lives. Helping more people feel happy, healthy and fulfilled is ultimately what it’s all about.” 

We are so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to have our own leader and New U Life featured in a top global magazine! To read the full interview, check it out here! 


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